tools for efficiency and decision making


PLOTSAFE is a software tool for collecting critical data at the forest inventory stage of ?????

Flexible and customisable in nature it can be used for a range of inventory data collection from preharvest to planting qualitycontrol surveys and will range on a range of Windows devices


Forest Harvesting machines collect data on stems being processed and logs being cut by an operator to individual log dimensions.  the data is controlled by the defacto Standard for Forest machine Data and Communication (StanForD)

StanForD data provides the backbone for complimenting current operational planning and management systems and processes with a rich and detailed source of data that can be collected and collated for near real-time reporting and analysis.

STICKS is a secure online facility for receiving, processing,  reporting and analysing StanForD data to help manage production and woodflow for an organisation whether that be a contractor with one or many machines or a small or large forest owner or manager.

STICKS is the result of years of experience in harvest optimisation, value recovery, yield reconciliation and data management.   Interpine are working closely with ForestPHD on delivery of STICKS.


Yeild Table Generator (YTGen) is software for generating yield estimates in a production forestry context.  It combines the process of growing and porjecting tree volumes with log bucking alogorithms to model tree merchandising through to log products.

The Predicition of yields by recoverable log grade referred to as MARVL* (Method for Assessment of Redcoverable Volume by Logtype) and is based on a forest inventory.  Many decisions require estimates of yield and YTGen provides this data to allow decisions to be made