STICKS Harvester Woodflow Management

managing wood-flow and customer demand the smart way

Forest Harvesting machines for many years have been able to collect accurate and detailed data on the stems being processed and the logs being cut by an operator down to individual log dimensions and felling location. This data is controlled by the defacto Standard for Forest machine Data and Communication – StanForD.

What is STICKS?

A secure online facility for receiving, processing, reporting and analysing StanForD data to help manage production and woodflow for an organisation whether that be a contractor with one or many machines or a small or large forest owner or manager

Key Functionailities of STICKS

  • An independent analysis and reporting tool using data from all StanForD compatible forestry machines.
  • Cloud based access for forest owners, customers, investment managers and third party auditors.
  • Monitors machine measurement accuracy and calibration. 
  • Validates incoming data and flag errors.
  • Automatically detects and uploads files, maps new GPS points and calculates harvested area.

Woodflow Management

STICKS reporting makes it quick and easy to manage and monitor production and woodflow across sites, machines and time.  STICKS reporting allow in depth woodflow anaylsis.

Out in Industry

Forest Harvester System Management Workshop in Rotorua 2017

​#Forest #harvester system management through Interpine's ForestPHD #STICKS Cloud Service. We are hosting an industry user workshop today at @ToiOhomai Forestry School in Rotorua. With some 20 million m3 of wood supply in STICKS over the last couple of years, 58,000+...

STICKS Harvester Information System most widely used throughout Australasia

Are you interested in Forest Value Recovery from your own forest or those that you are harvesting or managing. Ask for a demo of our cloud platform #STICKS, and Plan, Harvest and Deliver based on production data from your harvesters in the forest. This collates tree...

European Insights into the Use of Harvester Data

Goetz Roth, Interpine's lead for the implementation of mechanised harvester production data has recently returned from Europe. In Europe Goetz attended 48th FORMEC, one of the biggest international Forest Engineering Conferences in the world. Over 300 attendees from...

Industrial Engineering, The Use of Data and Harvesting Performance Improvement

In 2009, a staff member in a large forest management company in the North Island, New Zealand expressed concern over the reduction in piece size of the stems they were processing in to logs. This company used a log merchandising system that captured the piece size of...

Understanding Bucking Instruction (APT File) Application in Harvesters

Designing cutting instructions for harvesters is still something many forest owners and managers in New Zealand and Australia are still learning. Part of this learning is the use of Simulators from the harvester machine manufacturers. By using a simulator to help in...

Creating Cutting Instructions for Harvesters with SilviA 7 (upgrade of SilviA 2007)

SilviA 7 is a newly developed version of the original program SilviA2007 (last version produced in 2007 and was Windows XP dependent). Primarily SilviA 7 is used to create new cutting instructions (bucking rules for product pricelists) for distribution to mechanised...

Improving Value Recovery & Production Planning using Harvester Data using STICKS

Recently at HarvestTech 2015, David Herries and Jeremy Gibson spoke on utilising harvester information to improve value recovery and production planning workflows using a recently released Cloud Service called STICKS. STICKS developed by ForestPHD and Interpine...

Successful Workshop on Harvester Data Management

Interpine recently hosted a workshop on harvester data management at Waiairki Institute of Technology (WIT). 36 attended from forest companies, consultants, contractor entities, machine manufacturers (SATCO, Woodsman, SouthStar and LogMax) and academia from University...

Interpine and SATCO Implementing Feller-buncher GPS Tracking of Harvest Progress

Together with SATCO LOGGING ATTACHMENTS, Interpine is able through STICKS to track felling progress using GPS in a full tree harvesting system1 without the need for ANY additional software or hardware. As STICKS the Harvest and Woodflow Solution is constantly...

STICKS Harvesting and Woodflow Solution

    Interpine Launches STICKS! In co-operation with an Australian based company ForestPHD, Interpine has developed a new cloud based product that improves decision making along the forest supply chain and helps interrogate data collected from mechanized CTL (cut to...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard operating procedures are focused on safe operation of any of our UAV craft. Pilots undergo rigorous training and certification to operate. Our craft are all fitted with emergency systems such as parachutes and autopilot return to home functionality for any loss of signal between the UAV and the pilot. In the event of an incident our public liability insurances are also endorsed for operating UAVs for all our operations.
We operate a range of normal RGB resolution cameras, as well as a thermal sensor and multispectral NIR.

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