(Yield Table Generator)

Forest yield analysis software for precision forestry

Forest Yield Analysis

Forecast yields by recoverable logtype (often referred to MARVL “Method of Assessing Recoverable Volume by LogType”)

Apply Height and DBH Models

Using Height vs Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) models to apply individual heights across a sample population of trees

Grow and Project Tree Volume

Projecting tree volume and growth to generate yield tables to  assist in the decision making process for harvest, valuation and estate modelling.


Buck Trees into Logs

Trees can be cut to logs accounting for stumpage and breakage waste

Yield Table Generator

YTGen is software for generating yield estimates in a production forestry context.  It combines the process of growing and projecting tree volumes with log bucking alogorithms to model tree merchandising through to log products, providing data to assist in decision making.

Key Design Philosophies

  • Do a few things well: frow trees, cut them up and add them up.
  • Separate yield generation from inventory data collection.
  • Separate yield generation from decision support.
  • Intergrate well with upstream and downstream processes.

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Using Drones / UAV for 3D Modelling Forest Tree Structure

The Interpine #UAV #Drone continue to innovate around the use of structure from motion 3D modelling. In this case we show some examples of modelling tree structure and resulting stem volume / form, which are important in the forest yield modelling calculations. Doing...

Forest Harvester System Management Workshop in Rotorua 2017

​#Forest #harvester system management through Interpine's ForestPHD #STICKS Cloud Service. We are hosting an industry user workshop today at @ToiOhomai Forestry School in Rotorua. With some 20 million m3 of wood supply in STICKS over the last couple of years, 58,000+...

STICKS Harvester Information System most widely used throughout Australasia

Are you interested in Forest Value Recovery from your own forest or those that you are harvesting or managing. Ask for a demo of our cloud platform #STICKS, and Plan, Harvest and Deliver based on production data from your harvesters in the forest. This collates tree...

Enhance LiDAR Forest Yield Estimates > Improvements for a clearer view of the forest

Our team continue to enhance #LiDAR based #forest #yield estimates. Moving from a 25m yield pixel resolution to a 5m dynamic analysis frame, creating higher spatial resolution of forest yield estimates through LiDAR #Imputation. While providing foresters a more...

European Insights into the Use of Harvester Data

Goetz Roth, Interpine's lead for the implementation of mechanised harvester production data has recently returned from Europe. In Europe Goetz attended 48th FORMEC, one of the biggest international Forest Engineering Conferences in the world. Over 300 attendees from...

Maximising Forest Return: Part 1, Know the Value of Your Asset!

Maximising your return from your forest: The ABC's of Forestry Stumpage and Forest Valuation Part 1. Know the Value of Your Asset. Small forests, or woodlots, make up a surprisingly large chunk of the national exotic plantation estate. Yet some of these forests can...

Maximising Forest Return: Part 2, Appointing Contractors and Method of Sale

Maximising your return from your forest: The ABC's of Forestry Stumpage and Forest Valuation Part 2. Appointing Contractors and Method of Sale. Small forests are scattered throughout New Zealand and in each region wherever there are forests there are competent...

Industrial Engineering, The Use of Data and Harvesting Performance Improvement

In 2009, a staff member in a large forest management company in the North Island, New Zealand expressed concern over the reduction in piece size of the stems they were processing in to logs. This company used a log merchandising system that captured the piece size of...

Understanding Bucking Instruction (APT File) Application in Harvesters

Designing cutting instructions for harvesters is still something many forest owners and managers in New Zealand and Australia are still learning. Part of this learning is the use of Simulators from the harvester machine manufacturers. By using a simulator to help in...

Bulk Importing Assessments in GeoMaster

Interpine has recently worked with the Atlas team to create a new utility for GeoMaster users. This is for bulk loading of assessments and their attributes into GeoMaster via a CSV file. This new feature can be accessed by GeoMaster users from the Utilities menu and...

Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard operating procedures are focused on safe operation of any of our UAV craft. Pilots undergo rigorous training and certification to operate. Our craft are all fitted with emergency systems such as parachutes and autopilot return to home functionality for any loss of signal between the UAV and the pilot. In the event of an incident our public liability insurances are also endorsed for operating UAVs for all our operations.
We operate a range of normal RGB resolution cameras, as well as a thermal sensor and multispectral NIR.

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